Air compressors range from small models that can be used at home to pump air into bicycle tyres, to large scale industrial air compressors that are used manufacturing etc to deliver high levels of energy to machinery and equipment.

Many air compressors require air compressor oil in order to run efficiently. In fact, air compressor oil will actually extend the life of your air compressor. The oil acts as a lubricant for the air compressor’s bearings and cylinders. This allows the different parts of the air compressor to work together in harmony, without causing friction.

There is a dispute between many air compressor users about whether or not there is a difference between ordinary motor oil and air compressor oil. If you feel more comfortable buying oil which is specifically for air compressors, then the most popular types are 20W/ISO68 air compressor pump oil and 30W/ISO100 air compressor oil. Other synthetic oils can be used in order to improve the performance and efficiency of your air compressor.

Using air compressor oil will ultimately provide you with an air compressor which works to a much higher standard and will also see an increase in its work capacity.