Air compressor parts are an essential component in vehicle air conditioning systems, helping to circulate cool air around the interior of the vehicle.

Usually this is no problem, as the system simply draws its power from the vehicle’s battery, which is then recharged by the petrol engine.

But in an electric vehicle (EV) the battery is the engine, and if the air conditioning system is installed as a separate, self-contained unit, as has been common since the 1960s, it can represent a significant drain on the battery’s level of charge.

In hot countries, as much as half of a full charge can be spent on air conditioning, rather than on moving the vehicle to its destination.

Now a team at Nanyang Technological University have devised a way to integrate air conditioning systems – complete with their air compressor parts – more closely into the overall vehicle design, boosting the range by 15-20% in terms of total miles travelled on a single charge.

Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar, executive director of the university’s Energy Research Institute, said: “This integrated design solution for air conditioning will go a long way in reducing the range anxiety of drivers, reduce maintenance costs, and will save time and money for the driver.”