Jun-Air compressors were able to provide one analytical laboratory with the reliability they need to avoid costly interruptions to their work.

Butterworth Laboratories provide quality control testing, method development and stability study storage and testing to pharmaceutical clients.

Understandably, this means much of their work is highly sensitive, meaning a clean source of compressed air is needed, with exceptional levels of reliability.

Support manager Kevin Fullarton explains why, when the company needed a new way of generating their compressed air, Jun-Air compressors were the natural choice.

“We couldn’t afford breakdowns or analytical systems tripping out due to overheating, as it wastes too much time and money,” he says.

“Compressed air is one of our biggest user requirements, so we needed very reliable compressors and therefore had no hesitation in specifying Jun-Air.”

An internal powder coating prevents corrosion inside the air compressors, while adsorption dryers remove 100% of the moisture.

Finally, with a noise level of just 47 dB when contained within a soundproof cabinet, the Jun-Air compressors are ideally suited for use indoors in a laboratory environment.