Having the right industrial air compressor will ensure that you save time, increase efficiency and that you won’t jeopardise your safety. It is important to be clear when purchasing an industrial air compressor exactly what it will be used for and with what air tools.

Reciprocating air compressors are the most common types of air compressor. They work using a simple piston-driven mechanism which increases the level of pressure in its cylinder. The compressed air is then stored, ready for use, in a holding tank.

Rotary air compressors work in a completely different way to reciprocating air compressors. Rotary air compressors are of a more complex design. Air is compressed by helical screws which spin around in within a sealed chamber. The larger the job is, the larger the rotary air compressor should be as size is an influential factor of operation.

There is an extensive range of applications that air compressors can be used for. Jobs which require short bursts of energy are best suited to reciprocal air compressors. Go with a reciprocal air compressor if you require a source of continuous energy – for example, spray painting. The reason for this is that reciprocal air compressors do not require interval periods in order to build up pressure again after use – unlike rotary air compressors.