It might sound obvious that leaky air compressor parts need replacing, but unless you notice a substantial drop-off in system performance, you might not even be aware that you have a leak.

So what’s the problem with this, if the system still seems to be performing well?

There are several issues that might arise – for example, if the system is leaking but your air-powered equipment is still running at the same performance level, it probably means extra strain is being put on your air compressor itself.

If you think about it, powering the equipment and producing the air being lost to the leaks is akin to having an extra piece of air-powered equipment hooked up to the system, increasing the total demand on the compressor.

That raises the risk of requiring maintenance, or of outright hardware failure, and it goes even further than that too.

Compressed air isn’t free – your compressor needs energy in order to run, and that energy comes from your mains electricity supply or some equivalent fuel.

All of this makes it essential to track down and replace leaky air compressor parts before they have a major financial impact on your company – the price of a new part is bound to be less in the long run than an ongoing loss of energy, or a total interruption to your operations due to a failed compressor.