In 2014, Worthington Creyssensac celebrated 80 years since the brand was first founded – making 2015 the start of the next 80 years in the air compressor company’s ongoing history.

Elie Creyssensac founded the French air compressor manufacturer in 1934, naming it Creyssensac after himself, and its product range originally consisted of piston air compressors.

Screw compressors followed in 1966, helping to cement the brand’s position as a major player in the air compressors industry in general.

And in 1973 it joined forces with Worthington create the present-day company of Worthington Creyssensac, which in turn bolstered its distributor network.

The brand now operates on both global and local terms, with customer centres to deal with enquiries on a regional basis but a truly worldwide presence.

Engineers continue to innovate in the use of materials, while creating increasingly eco-friendly air compressors bearing the Worthington Creyssensac brand.

Some eight decades on from the company’s founding, it is hard to imagine what Elie Creyssensac might think of the present-day machinery sold under his name – and where the technology might lead another 80 years from now.