Air compressors are designed for long-term use – typically on the order of 50,000 hours, or about 25 years of consistent use – but like any mechanical equipment, there are steps you can take to make air compressors last longer with less maintenance and repair work required.

Choosing the right air compressor is the first step, and if you are unsure of the best option for a specific application, the team at Ace Compressors are here to help you decide on a particular type and capacity of air compressor.

Installing it correctly is of course also important, but even once your new air compressor is up and running, there are some things you can do to increase its longevity.

Our articles over the recent winter months looked at some air compressor components that can help to remove unwanted condensates from your compressed air, and installing suitable air compressor dryers and filters both improves the quality of your air output, while also preventing the build-up of condensates inside the system.

The way you deliver your compressed air to the point of use can have an impact on the strain your air compressor is under, too – so make sure you use suitable airlines, hoses and fittings to keep the distribution system at the correct pressure.

We would recommend regularly testing for leaks, especially if your air compressor seems to be working harder than you would expect for the output it produces.

Leaks in your compressor airline not only waste energy, which adds to your operating costs, but also mean that the compressor must work harder to supply the required pressure at the point of use, and this can significantly accelerate how soon you need to maintain, repair or even fully replace the compressor.

Finally, if your air compressor is showing signs of old age, it might not be the end of the road, as compressor spare parts can breathe new life into old systems without replacing the entire compressor.

We can help trace spare parts for many major air compressor manufacturers, especially if you know the part number, or the model and serial number of your air compressor, and we can also supply oil and other lubricants to extend the lifespan of your compressor’s moving parts.