When purchasing an industrial air compressor it should be viewed as a long-term investment. The role of an air compressor is to improve productivity of a business, so it is important that such an important piece of machinery is maintained properly. Regular air compressor servicing will highlight any issues that may be affecting efficiency levels and will help you to keep on top of any clogging or corrosion that may have occurred.

When you first buy your air compressor, take the time to read over the manual and get to grips with different components and how the air compressor works. This will help you to spot any problems that may arise. Make sure that you arrange for the supplier to perform periodic air compressor servicing on a regular basis, as they are experts in these machines. There are also several checks that you can carry out yourself as part of an ongoing maintenance programme.

Keep an eye on the compressor gauges, as each different component has its own pressure and volume specifications. Check the oil level, tank pressure gauge as well as the pressure regulator and gauge. When the air compressor is not in use, it should be turned off, unplugged; the regulator valve should be switched off and allow any air to be bled out through the hose. After removing the hose the drain cock needs to be opened to release any build-up of moisture.

At Ace Compressors, we offer air compressor servicing to keep your air compressor running to its full capacity. Our experts are happy to answer any questions that you may have so that you can get the best out of your air compressor.