Mark Compressors have met Epsom-based manufacturer MERU’s need for an air compressor with pure and dry compressed air output.

MERU needed to install a new CNC machine for the milling of metal parts for use in disability equipment to meet individual needs, particularly those of children.

Their old piston compressor was struggling to cope with demand, and the quality of the compressed air it produced was insufficient for the new CNC machine.

Gary Scarlett, chief design engineer and facilities manager at MERU, said: “The CNC machine needs pure, dry air to operate it.

“Therefore, we looked for a compressor and dryer combination which could provide that need.”

Ultimately they opted for the Mark Compressors Full Feature MSM unit, with an output capacity of up to 10 bar to cope with any contingencies over and above the expected 7-8 bar required.

This not only has sufficient output to run all the compressed air powertools and a sandblaster too, in addition to the CNC machine; it also produces dry air suitable for the machining of plastic-moulded parts.