The idea of increasing your air compressor pump power might sound like it would be costly, particularly if it involves investing in new machinery.

But an article in Fluid Power Journal indicates why buying a higher-powered air compressor pump could actually save you money in the long run.

Dan Adams, an expert in B2B product development, explains that he has developed an approach in which business product developers observe their customers’ workers carrying out common tasks.

By focusing on accelerating activity, minimising input, upgrading output, simplifying transitions and eliminating unnecessary activity, he says product design can be perfected.

For example, if the product is a nail gun, he suggests that there are several questions that might be asked and answered.

“How could we reduce the costs of material, capital and energy applied to this activity?” he ponders.

“Would a higher-powered gun let the worker use cheaper studs full of tough knot holes?”

The questions are a perfect example of using the right tools for the job – and of how a powerful air compressor pump can help you to do more with your air-powered tools, even when working with tough materials.
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