It’s time to get serious about air compressors, and no longer rely on a ‘make do and mend’ approach to maintaining your compressed air supply for the long run.

An exclusive roundtable event hosted by Works Management recently, and entitled Compressed Air Time, revealed that many businesses do not intend to replace their existing air compressors until the 2020s.

But this could be a false economy, as ageing machines cannot rival newer models on output and energy efficiency, and may be more likely to need maintenance or to fail.

During any such downtime, some businesses might turn to their backup air compressor – often the even older model that was retired when the current one was put in place.

WM reports: “Bucking the make do and mend mentality is a must if UK firms are to stay competitive in the face of soaring energy costs, roundtable delegates concurred.”

The session ended with three take-home messages: measure air compressor activity and calculate its impact on bills; work out the potential cost savings of an upgrade; and make sure staff on the shop floor recognise and appreciate that the supply of compressed air they use on a daily basis is not simply free.