Portable vs. Stationary Air Compressors – Which is best?

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One factor when choosing the best air compressor is the question of portable vs. stationary air compressors and which is best for the task at hand.

Portable air compressors have one very obvious selling point – they are portable. That means if you need compressed air in different locations or you only need a temporary air compressor, portable can sometimes be the way to go.

With a mobile air compressor, you can just pick it up and move it to wherever you are working.

Stationary air compressors are a more permanent installation, typically complete with a distribution network of pipes and hoses for the compressed air.

But beyond the obvious, what are the advantages of the different types of air compressor?


Advantages of portable air compressors

Portable air compressors are not just mobile – they are designed to be as easy to move as possible.

In many cases they come complete with carry handles or wheels, or both, so when you need to move the compressor, you don’t need a forklift or a team of colleagues to help you out.

Mobile air compressors are often designed to fit into smaller spaces too, so you might find them to be more compact and quieter running for enclosed areas and a variety of different job sites.


Advantages of stationary air compressors

Stationary air compressors tend to be larger and more powerful than their portable counterparts, so if it’s sheer volume of output you need, a static air compressor is probably the way to go.

These more permanent air compressors can be hooked up to fixed-line distribution networks, carrying compressed air safely around industrial areas to machinery and air powertools wherever it is required.

And they can be used with other large components like air dryers and standalone filters and receiver tanks, all combining to give you a comprehensive compressed air system that’s always there when you need it.


So which is best?

The answer is… it depends. Both portable and stationary air compressors are popular choices for their own unique benefits.

If you’re not sure which is better for your particular needs, please get in touch and the Ace Compressors team will be happy to help you decide what works best for you.