How to prevent pressure drops in air compressors

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Pressure drops in air compressor systems are the loss of air pressure as your compressed air travels from the output of your compressor to the point of use.


It’s inevitable that some pressure will be lost along the way – similar to the attenuation of an electronic data signal over the length of a copper wire or fibre optic.


But the bigger your pressure drop, the more energy you waste, and that has direct cost implications because you have already paid once to compress that air.


You should always aim for a pressure drop of under 10% even at the furthest points of use on your distribution network.


If you’re losing over 10% of your compressed air, or even in the high single figures and want to be more efficient, there are a few things you can do.


1. Reduce your output pressure


This might sound counter-intuitive, but if your air compressor output pressure is too high, it could be putting strain on the joints and connectors in your distribution airline, leading to avoidable leaks.


If you are able to reduce the compressor output pressure while still achieving the same pressure at the point of use, you can make immediate energy and cost savings while you tackle some more long-term fixes.


2. Account for dryers and filters


Pressure is not the only important characteristic of your compressed air output, and additional stages like filters and dryers may reduce the pressure while achieving important other outcomes.


If you need clean, dry air, make sure that any pressure drops you detect are not as a result of the filters and dryers, as these are an inevitable trade-off for the privilege of removing contaminants and moisture.


3. Check your connections


Finally, make sure you are using the correct size and type of joints and connectors throughout your airline, especially at the point of use where inefficiency is often introduced. Our extensive range of easy to use one touch fittings & connectors can provide you with a simple fix to your pressure drop issues.
If your airline is well constructed and securely joined throughout, yet you’re still seeing unusual variations in pressure, double check your valves and end caps.


Finally, check for condensates inside the pipeline that could be creating a partial blockage that wreaks havoc on your internal pressure – another reason why dry output is often worth the extra investment in a compressed air dryer.


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