The oil and gas industries have a truly global footprint – and with such a wide range of geographies, they pose unique challenges for air compressor engineering.

For instance, extraction of oil and gas can take place almost anywhere, from the Arctic Circle to the middle of the desert.

Air compressor manufacturers Atlas Copco have just spent £680,000 on expanding their facilities at Hemel Hempstead, and manager of Systems Hemel Hempstead Paul Frost explained why this is helping in the flexible approach demanded of air compressor engineering for the oil and gas sector.

“Each project is different because customer requirements tend to be unique for the intended environment,” he said.

“We have recently supplied compressor packages which must operate in a range of temperatures from -40 C to +45 C in Russia, and to an oil company in the Middle East where reliable operation at +55 C is required to withstand regular sandstorms.”

Flexibility is built into the workforce too, with 45 core employees and a number of subcontractors used to meet peak demand – and this is an increase of 20 employees over the past decade, allowing Atlas Copco to cater for one of the world’s largest industries, as well as customers from other sectors too.