Our range of air compressor fasteners and fixings allows you to pack a punch when fixing a wide range of different materials in place.

The first thing you will need is an air compressor, of course, and our Senco compressor kits are a great place to start, in order to get your hands on a compressor that will be relatively quiet during operation, and will deliver the ideal amount of compressed air.

Air compressor fasteners and fixings can be relatively small, including light wire staplers suitable for assembling picture frames, furniture, and installing roof felt.

There are also medium and heavy wire staplers for heavier duty applications, ranging from bed frames and other strong furniture, to assembling crates and decking.

While the stapler you use will depend on the application, a single Senco air compressor can provide the one horsepower of compressed air needed for any such air powertools.

They are lightweight and highly portable, so you can move your air compressor into place quickly and easily, and take your compressed air output to where it is needed.

For heavier duty applications still, a compressed air nailer is an option, also known as a nail gun; again these are available in multiple different sizes or ‘gauges’, with some more lightweight options where the pneumatic effect is powered by a lever onboard the nail gun itself, rather than from an outside compressed air supply.

And finally for really heavy duty projects, a screw system is an option, and this can be used to secure flooring in place, as well as for other semi-structural installations like cement boards and drywall.

Air powertools that require a separate air compressor can pack the greatest punch of any pneumatic powertools, driving staples, nails and screws home into materials that would be difficult to impossible to penetrate by hand.

With a suitable portable air compressor, such as our Senco compressor kits for pneumatic tools, you can create a quiet, stable and suitable supply of compressed air at the right pressure.

Once this is up and running, your air compressor fasteners and fixings will be on hand whenever you need them – a perfect partner for your next craft or construction project.