As air compressors are used for so many purposes, it only makes sense that there is a variety of air compressor attachments available for you to buy. There are a couple of popular examples of air compressor attachments, which you can read about below.

One of these popular attachments is a high pressure washer, which can be used in various domestic and trade settings. This normally involves an attachment on the compressor that uses the air to force water out of the exit pipe at a much higher pressure than it would normally be delivered at. This can often be used for cleaning and other purposes.

Another type of popular air compressor attachment is the tyre inflator. These can be useful if you require heavy duty equipment to blow up a tyre. A basic example of how this sort of technology is used would be a bicycle pump. Of course, though, some tyres require more effort in order to become inflated, which is why an air compressor attachment for a larger machine is sometimes used.