AIRnet Pipe Clips 80mm (Box of 20)

£60.04 exc VAT

Suitable for 80mm (O.D.) 3″ pipe.

Sold in boxes of 20

Pipe clips are designed to secure the pipes, which slide into the clip to compensate for any possible movement. Only AIRnet pipe clips should be used to secure AIRnet pipes.

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Suitable for 80mm (O.D.) 3″ pipe – Sold in boxes of 20

10 YEAR WARRANTY against any damages resulting from material defect.

Use only genuine AIRnet fittings (not interchangeable with similar air piping)

AIRnet warranty is restricted to component replacement only

To suit Pipe size 80mm (3")
Length 162mm (6.4")
Width 50mm (2")
Height 118mm (4.6")