Fast Track – Collet Covers 18mm

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18mm Collet Cover to prevent accidental removal or tampering with piping.

The pipe can be inserted with the collet cover already attached to the fitting or cover can slide into position afterwards.

We recommend covers be fitted when pipework is hidden inside walls, ceilings etc. Covers easily removed at any time to allow alterations and extensions.

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18mm Collet Cover. The fast track range of fittings and tube provide ideal connection from compressor receivers to air line service components through to complete ring mains.

No need to prepare threaded pipe or apply solvents, tape or sealants.

Connections are made with a simple push in action. Easy to connect and disconnect allowing for easy alterations or additions to ring mains and air lines.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED to connect this pipework

Used with tube size (O.D.) 18 mm


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Most compressors come with 1 or 2 years warranty. 5 year warranty available on select items.

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