MARK RMA 11kw IVR “Variable Speed” BASE ONLY


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Available in 7 – 12.5 bar version… max. 63.5 cfm – 109.4 m3/h
IVR Principles: Most of the time, air demand is not constant in a network.
The purpose of an inverter is to reduce the speed of the main motor to follow
precisely the profileof the compressed air requirement.
This results in reduced power consumption, bringing energy savings
and a quick return on the investment incurred

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IVR Benefits:

– EMC compliant: no electromagnetic interference to or from the electrical network.

– ES3000 standard controller: comprehensive display and automatic control of the inverter.

– Standard Inlet baffle: protects the inverter against dust whilst allowing ventilation.

– Standard components: easy maintenance and availability.

Energy Savings:

– Soft start: protects the motor against stress at start up, and avoids current peaks.

– Efficiency 1 motor: from a reputed Premium Brand, high efficiency for lower kW consumption.

Speed regulation of the motor between minimum and maximum frequency brings maximum savings.

– Constant pressure: no fluctuation between load and unload pressures.

(1 bar = 7% energy). No unload cycles and energy wastage.

Mark Air Compressors

Is variable speed drive always the best solution for the most efficient part-load performance? When is this not the case?

Each individual variable speed drive compressor has an optimal tip speed range. This is where the compressor will work most efficiently. 

In the instance where compressor load requirements fall outside of this range, you may need to consider other control options in order to produce the most efficient performance. 

To find the best solution for your air compressor requirements, you will need to refer to the guidance of your compressor provider.

For further FAQ’s please visit our FAQ page here.

Warranty 2 Years
HP 15
Kw 11
Phase 3
Free Air Delivered (CFM) u00a063.5u00a0-u00a09.2u00a0u00a0@u00a07 bar
Noise Level - dB(A) u00a064 dB(A)
Air outlet ( BSP ) 3/4"
Length u00a0995mm
Widthu00a0 655mm
Height u00a01045mm
Weight u00a0243kg