Rollair 30VT “Variable Speed” BASE & DRYER


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Max 138 cfm – 234 m3/h ALSO AVAILABLE in 9.5 – 12.5 bar version..
Worthington IVR Principles: Most of the time, air demand is not constant in a network.
The purpose of an inverter is to reduce the speed of the main motor to
follow precisely the profile of the compressed air requirement.
This results in reduced power consumption, bringing energy savings
and a quick return on the investment incurred.

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Filters will need to be purchased separately and placed downstream.

The Rollair V reduces energy consumption in the following ways –

? The variable frequency drive compressor (inverter technology) guarantees a fixed set pressure operation and matches air supply with air demand.

? No unload cycles above 20% load.

? No current peak due to soft start.

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