Senco RX Type Brad Nail 16 Gauge


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Senco RX Type Brad Nails available in all sizes
16g Brad Head with a 1.6mm diameter and lengths from 25mm – 65mm

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Part No’s for various nail lengths:

RX13EAA – 16g x 25mm brads galv RX13EGA – 16g x 25mm brads s/steel

RX15EAA – 16g x 32 mm brads galv RX15EGA – 16g x 32mm brads s/steel

RX16EGA – 16g x 35mm brads s/steel RX17EAA – 16g x 38mm brads galv

RX17EGA – 16g x 38mm brads s/steel RX19EAA – 16g x 45mm brads galv

RX19EGA – 16g x 45mm brads s/steel RX21EAA – 16g x 50mm brads galv

RX21EGA – 16g x 50mm brads s/steel RX23EAA – 16g x 55mm brads

RX25EAA – 16g x 63mm brads galv

Length 25 - 65mm
Gauge 16g
Diameter 1.6mm