Senco SKSXP Medium/Heavy Wire Stapler

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Major: drawer assembly, countertop buildup, cabinets, corner and glue block fastening, and spring clip attachment in furniture assembly. Widely used in assembly of doors and window casings, trim, and moldings. On-site construction uses for aluminum and vinyl siding, underlayment, and attachment of roofing sheathing and decking materials. Other: light crating, agricultural boxes, fencing, and all types of wood crafts.

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SKSXP is available for use in a wide variety of wood-working applications. It is offered in 16 and 18 gauge and 3 different crown widths in staple lengths up to 1 1/2″.

•EZ-Load, EZ-Clear system

•Only 2 moving O-rings – less maintenance

•Quiet operation

•Long 1″ lip to get into tight spots

•NeverLube® design

•5-year limited warranty