Senco SQS55XP Heavy Wire Stapler

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Framing, decking, furniture frames, furring, sidewall sheathing, subflooring, window units, crate and box assembly, boxes, crates, pallets and pallet repair

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The SQS55XP has the power and speed needed for the toughest framing and sheathing applications. Designed with today’s harder woods and laminates in mind.

•Rugged dependability

•Fast – up to 15 staples per second

•Adjustable depth of drive

•All the features you want, including adjustable power for softer drives

•EZ-Clear latch

•Adjustable exhaust

•5-year limited warranty

Length 365 mm
Width 92 mm
Height 305 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Air Inlet 3/8" NPT
Operating Pressure 5.5-8.3 bar
Avg Air Consumption 185 l/min
Fastener Capacity 130
Staples Required Qu00a0
Crown 7/16"
Fastener Range 1 1/4" - 2 1/2"
Gauge 15