V 200G Vertical Air Receiver – GALVANISED

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V200G Mark Galvanised Vertical Air Receiver

11 Bar Max Working Pressure
3/4″ Port Connections
200 Litre capacity. CE Marked

Also available in other sizes up to 5000 litres.

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Comes complete with Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Elbow and Ball Valve Drain

CE Marked: 87/404/CE

Receiver operating temperature: -10°C. / +50°C.

The Vertical Air Receiver are delivered stand up until 1000 lt., beyond this limit they arrive lie down on the pallet with hoop iron

Max. Working Pressure 11 Bar
Air Inlet (BSP) 3/4"
Air outlet ( BSP ) 3/4"
Tank Size 200 Litre
Weight 55kg
Diameter ( lugs) 430mm
Height (Incl. feet) 1601mm


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