There are several different reasons why compressed air is more desirable to use than other energy sources. It is extremely versatile energy source that can be used to operate a variety of tools and equipment. It is also relatively safe, when being used by a qualified professional.

One of the main positives, particularly in a world where there is growing concern over the environment, compressed air is a clean energy source which does not emit harmful gases or use fossil fuels.

Using electricity to power equipment is not always feasible. In certain industrial environments where flammable substances or materials are being used, compressed air is the ideal alternative. Electricity could produce stray sparks which cause an outbreak of fire so using compressed air is a much safer option.

Due to the lack of plugs and wires etc that are required for electrical powered equipment, machinery which runs on compressed air is much easier to manoeuvre around a workshop. Compressed air tools also tend to be smaller and much lighter then electrical tools as they do not require all the complicated components. This means that they can be held and, therefore, used for much longer without arms getting tired.