Particles in compressed air can be damaging to pneumatic tools so it is important to refine the air in order to prevent production downtime, product spoilage and reduced equipment life.

As we all learned at school, air is mainly made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Air also contains a small amount of water vapour as well as solid particles including dust, sand, soot and salt crystals. The concentration of these elements intensifies when air is compressed which is what makes it potentially damaging to pneumatic equipment. Untreated air consists of high quantities of water along with oil droplets and particles of dirt when at atmospheric pressure.

The way to combat this problem is by using compressed air filters to remove contaminating particles from the air. Compressed air dryers then eliminate water and vapour from the air so that only treated air reaches the point of use in the pneumatic tools. So in order for your pneumatic tools to work to their full capacity for an efficient production line always refine compressed air.