There are some checks that need to be carried out on your air compressor but not necessarily every day. The air compressor filter should be cleaned out once a week or replaced of damaged. The pump oil only needs to be changed on an annual basis unless it becomes contaminated.

Each month it is important to check the safety relief valve of your air compressor. Check the valve by pulling and releasing it several times. If the valve is working correctly then it should move in and out. If the valve pops or relieves pressure when pulled, a replacement needs to be purchased. Before checking the safety relief valve, make sure that the tanks have been emptied and the air compressor power source has been unplugged.

Check the drive belt tension each month by obtaining a reading from a belt tension gauge. This should be attached to the air compressor between the motor and air compressor sheaves. Compare this to the air compressor service manual. Loosen or tighten the belt as appropriate.

It is rare that problems occur with an internal component in an air compressor, but if it does, a simple clean should resolve it. However, any air compressor parts that have been worn down will need to be replaced. Remember to check the pilot valve cut-out pressure adjustment every now and again. Check this component by turning the outer screw to increase or decrease the cut-out pressure limit but no more than one revolution at a time.

By carrying out air compressor servicing on a regular basis you will keep your air compressor running more efficiently for longer.