Rotary screw compressors are among the ways in which the global industrial refrigeration market is improving its energy efficiency, according to new market analysis from Reportbuyer.

The analyst has published a new report entitled ‘Global Industrial Refrigeration Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 – Industry Insights by Type’.

It notes the broad reach of the industrial refrigeration market, from direct applications like ice-making, to food processing, storage within supply chains, and pharmaceutical applications.

There are also uses in major industries like oil & gas and chemicals, with engineered systems usually consisting of a custom installation of evaporator units, heat exchangers and compressors.

In terms of energy efficiency, the report points to technological advances as one of the key driving forces behind reduced energy consumption in the global refrigeration market.

Next-generation rotary screw compressors consume as much as 50% less energy than the same capacity of conventional load-type compressor, Reportbuyer adds.

There are also gains being made in the other core components, such as reduced thermal resistance in heat exchangers, which raises the power efficiency and throughput of those parts in the energy and chemicals sectors.

Similarly, greater awareness of the environmental hazards of refrigeration gases means that fewer fluorochemicals are in use.

Instead, in Europe and North America, ammonia is a commonly used refrigerant, and as old equipment nears the end of its lifecycle, F-gas refrigeration systems are increasingly being replaced by ammonia-based systems, complete with any necessary upgrades of their related equipment such as air compressors and heat exchangers to deliver maximum efficiency.

The report indicates that in every respect, the global industrial refrigeration market is striving towards greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact – with rotary screw compressors one example of the direct mechanical energy savings that can be made relatively easily during upgrades and new installations.