Oil-free air compressors are designed to offer very clean compressed air output, by eliminating the need for lubricants so removing the risk of microscopic droplets of oil in the air flow.

There are many applications for this, ranging from healthcare and hygienic settings where clean air is essential, to spraying fluids whose properties might be adversely affected by the presence of even the tiniest of contaminants.

Here are some examples of oil-free air compressors in stock at ACE Compressors, from some of our most popular air compressor manufacturers.

Bambi PT Oil-Free Ultra Low Noise

Bambi have become the first choice for many people when seeking air compressors for healthcare settings including hospitals, doctors and dentists.

The Bambi PT oil-free ultra low noise range meets that need perfectly, with compact direct drive air compressors suitable for use in tight spaces.

Operating volumes start from around 54dB with extremely clean, droplet-free compressed air output – everything customers have come to expect from Bambi air compressors.

Bambi VT Professional Range

The Bambi VT Professional Range of oil-free air compressors is suitable for healthcare environments, with smaller units for one-chair surgeries and larger compressors for 2-3 chairs and more.

Silenced units in the Bambi VT Professional Range come in an acoustic enclosure, to further reduce operating noise in enclosed rooms.

In addition to oil-free air compressors, the Bambi VT range includes Dryair models, which use a combination of cooling the air, coalescing filters and desiccant absorption to remove over 99% of moisture content too.

SIP Air Compressors

SIP air compressors offer an alternative to Bambi air compressors, and include both lubricated and oil-free air compressor models.

Many SIP compressors are highly portable with very low running noise, which makes them a good alternative to Bambi air compressors for similar applications.

We also stock SIP air tools, so if you need a selection of air powertools and want a compressor from the same manufacturer, all with lubricant-free construction, SIP is a strong contender.

If you would like to ask us more about Bambi oil-free air compressors or SIP oil-free compressors and powertools, please contact us and we will be happy to recommend a specific model that meets your needs.