SIP air compressors are among our most popular brands, with models that meet a variety of specific needs like low noise and easy portability.

They also come in a range of different powers and capacities, and you can usually identify these from the model name.

For example, the SIP Airmate NB7.5/270 is a 7.5-horsepower silenced piston compressor with a 270-litre air receiver.

And the SIP Airmate TN3/50-SRB is a 3.0-horsepower portable belt-driven air compressor with a 50-litre air receiver.

This pattern is used across most of the SIP air compressors stocked by ACE Compressors, so you can identify the power and receiver capacity at a glance.

Silenced SIP air compressors

SIP silenced air compressors run quietly without compromising on power, and they achieve this by encasing the noise-producing parts of the compressor in an acoustic enclosure.

While this will not completely silence the pump and motor, it can cut sound levels to around 65 dB(A) which should be an acceptable level in many environments, especially where there is other background noise.

The silenced SIP air compressors stocked by ACE Compressors are a popular choice with many of our customers, and you may prefer a quieter compressor just as a matter of personal taste, even if the environment you operate in doesn’t demand it.

Lubricated vs. oil-free air compressors

SIP air compressors are available in both oil-lubricated and oil-free versions. Again this might be a matter of personal taste, or you may need compressed air output that you know does not contain any minuscule droplets of oil.

Our stock includes the SIP Airmate Hurricane 6, a very compact 6-litre oil-free direct-driven air compressor which is incredibly portable and easy to use.

Spares, sales and support

As well as SIP air compressors, we also stock an extensive range of original manufacturer SIP spare parts and welcome enquiries if you have a malfunctioning air compressor and want an expert opinion on how best to proceed.

We often have SIP compressors on sale at special offer prices, so you can get even more for your money – although they are already excellent value at list price.

If you would like to know more about the SIP air compressors ACE Compressors stock, or to ask us anything about a specific type or model, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.