Hydrovane compressor customers, enthusiasts and employees past and present were given a rare sight this summer, as more than 25 former employees reunited at the company’s Redditch site.

Together, they share over 600 years of experience on the job – dating back to before the first Hydrovane compressors even rolled off the production line.

“Many of them were working at the factory during the 1960s and remember the first Hydrovane machines to roll off the production line in the early 70s,” said current regional director Colin Mander.

“Without their expertise and dedication, it’s fair to say that Hydrovane would not be the respected and trusted brand that it is today.”

The event was part of a line-up of celebrations at the Redditch site, which the previous day had welcomed some 50 or more global Hydrovane compressor dealers from Europe, South Africa and America.

Visitors were given a tour of the factory, allowing them to see not only the latest developments in Hydrovane compressors, but also how things have changed over the years with the emergence of modern-day manufacturing techniques.