The global market for air compressors is seeing demand from strategic planners and exporters alike, according to a recently published Research and Markets report.

Compiled by ICON Group International, the study’s full title is ‘The World Market for Air or Vacuum Pumps, Air or Other Gas Compressors, and Ventilating or Recycling Hoods with Fans Excluding Cooker Hoods: A 2013 Global Trade Perspective’.

According to the document, strategic planners are looking for all of these things – and asking the question of where they might be found.

“Do exporters serving the world market have similar market shares across the importing countries?” ICON Group International asks. “Which countries supply the most exports of [these products]? Which countries are buying their exports?”

In particular, the study warns against basing buying decisions for air compressors and similar products on old information, in a market that has only relatively recently become fully globalised.

Conversely, however, it concedes that any figures for market size in 2013 are, as yet, only forecasts – and therefore, that any export decisions based on such data must be viewed as estimates rather than concrete, fact-based statistics.