Sustainable air compressor design and usage will be on the agenda at the upcoming PNEUROP Plenary Meeting 2013, which is due to take place in Munich on June 13th-15th.

The event is this year built around the theme of Eco-design, which will occupy much of the schedule for the Friday (June 14th).

On the Friday morning, a presentation outlining European policies on sustainability and energy consumption will begin the day’s proceedings.

A policy officer from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (DG Ener) will follow this up with a look at the EU Eco-Design Directive, and its potential to transform the air compressor market.

The British Compressed Air Society, chair of the national secretaries and a secretariat on several PNEUROP committees, says manufacturers of air compressors, pneumatic tools and vacuum pumps all fall within the remit of PNEUROP.

BCAS members can participate in the plenary, which will also be an opportunity for PNEUROP committees to update delegates on their latest project outcomes.

This networking and insight gathering opportunity is just one of the industry events dedicated to sustainability in 2013, as the air compressor industry across Europe embraces the challenges of more efficient energy usage.