Compressed air Halloween props are a dynamic addition to any haunted house or ghost train, and can be found everywhere from theme park rides and commercial displays to ambitious domestic decorations.

But while a jet of compressed air can give an instant jump scare, there are some versatile air compressor parts that go into the perfect setup, and the lessons learned from rigging up Halloween props can apply equally well to other compressed air installations too.

1. Air dryers

An air dryer is one of the most important air compressor accessories for any system, as it removes moisture from the compressed air output so that you are not running damp air through the relevant tool – or in this case, the Halloween prop.

When damp air is compressed, it can naturally cause the moisture to condense, which is why an air dryer is an important air compressor part even if the humidity of the room or the outside air is relatively low.

2. Splitters

If you want to run multiple props from a single air supply, there are plenty of line splitters that can allow you to attach several hoses – one for each Halloween prop or compressed air powertool you want to run.

T-junctions and Y-junctions are among the more common ways to split one tube into two separate supplies; just be careful that the combined props are still within the rated output of your air compressor.

3. Air receivers

A compressed air receiver is often just referred to as a ‘tank’ or in the USA you may see it called an ‘accumulator’.

It offers a place to collect compressed air until it is needed; on Halloween props, for example, you may want to trigger a jet of air using a motion sensor or a timer, while for compressed air powertools you may not need the tool to be powered on at all times.

4. Compressed air filters

All of the above are air compressor accessories fitted elsewhere in the system to dry or receive the compressed air, or to split it along multiple lines.

Compressed air filters are integral air compressor parts that remove other contaminants from the air, working in tandem with the dryer so that the output is not only dry, but free from dry contaminants like dust and other powders.

5. Air hose

Finally, don’t neglect the hose that connects all of these air compressor parts together and supplies the compressed air to your Halloween props, powertools or other equipment.

Good hose will ensure you get the full power out of your compressed air – and you should regularly check for leaks to ensure you are not losing out on the maximum possible efficiency of your air compressor