Condensation is what causes the most problems when it comes to compressed air systems. Any moisture in the air will wash away lubrication from air tools which will result in reduced performance and an increased need of maintenance. Rust will begin to develop rust and scale within the air pipes and cause damage to equipment. Air dryers will cease to work properly if there is a build-up of condensation.

If your air compressor is not effectively managed, you will begin to lose money through reduced efficiency in production, as well as spending more on maintenance that would not be necessary of you paid attention to your air compressor with regular maintenance.

Always make sure that your compressed air system has an effective drainage system to eliminate the build-up of condensation. There are several different types of air compressor drains to choose from; manual drains, float operated drains, timer drains and electronic sensor drains. Depending on what type of drainage system your air compressor uses, always make sure that the settings are correctly set and clean any sensors regularly to keep everything working in optimum condition.