An air compressor is susceptible to damage if water gets into its system as this can cause corrosion of the pipes and valves. Water in an air compressor can even result in the outdoor airlines freezing.

The solution? An air compressor dryer.

There are three different forms of moisture which can be all be present in an air compressor; liquid, vapour and mist. In order to remove this moisture from an air compressor the right air compressor dryer must be used.

A refrigerated air compressor dryer is the most commonly used type. Refrigerated air compressor dryers function in two different ways; to cool down incoming hot air and to increase the temperature outgoing air to prevent the formation of condensation. Deliquescent air compressor dryers work by dissolving a tablet or powder in the pressure valve. This substance absorbs any liquid which is present in the air compressor.

Using an air compressor dryer will ensure that your air compressor is completely free of water and moisture. This will mean that the air compressor will continue to be fully functional and working to its optimum capacity for much longer. Don’t let water ruin your air compressor; use an air compressor dryer.