If your air compressor is running hot, consuming excess power or the output pressure is down, a clogged filter could be the cause.

First check for leaks in your airline or accumulated condensates. But if everything looks good on the delivery side, it’s worth checking your air compressor filter.

The filter serves an important purpose, removing impurities to give you a clean air supply, but over time those impurities inevitably build up to block the fine holes in the filter.

Ideally, you should check your filter frequently – as often as once a month – as it’s easier to remove lighter accumulations of dirt with a simple tap of the filter or blowing compressed air through it.

When your filter is severely clogged, for example if you have not checked or cleaned it for many months, it may be easier and more effective to replace it rather than clean it.

How to keep air compressor filters clean

You can get more life out of your air compressor filters by keeping them clean for longer, and by cleaning them more regularly.

Some simple measures to do this include:

  • Try to keep the environment around the compressor free from dust.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding ventilation space around the compressor.
  • Identify the air intake vents and keep them clean.

Be aware that your air compressor may have multiple filters, including air filters and oil filters, so check each of these and make sure you know how to clean them and when to replace them.

How often should I replace my air compressor filters?

This is the big question. Replacing air compressor filters can pay for itself in improved efficiency and reduced power consumption.

If you use your air compressors continually in an industrial setting, it may be sensible to change your filters at regular intervals – for example, twice a year.

On compressors you use less often or if the filter does not look dirty, you may be able to give it a quick clean and put it back without significant loss of efficiency.

Ultimately it’s about keeping your air compressor in good working order and reducing your overall running costs – so a relatively small investment in a new clean filter could quickly recoup its costs and more.