Pressure testing a compressed air system requires careful preparation before forging ahead with the test itself. Before a pressure test you must carry out a risk assessment, which is often submitted to the client along with a method statement. Hazards involved in over-pressurising the system need to be brought forward. The pipework system itself must be mapped out and components specified.

The next stage is the actual pressure test. The system or particular part of the system will be isolated and a stab in point identified. Pressure relief valves should be changed for higher pressure models and a high pressure mobile compressor and regulator will be installed at the stab in point.

Next, increase the system pressure by 0.5 bar increments. Once the pressure is at 1.5 times standard operating pressure, valve off the compressor and take readings from our testing gauge system. Readings will be taken at 10 minutes intervals. Once the test is complete we will exhaust excess pressure in the system through a safe diffuser, replace safety valves and recommission system. Results will be analysed and a test certificate issued.