Purchasing a used air compressor can be a viable option for semi-professional or DIY work. Aim for a compressor which has an extra 25% CFM than is required. Here are some tips to consider before purchasing your used air compressor:

  • The noise – the higher the rpm, the more noise the air compressor will produce
  • Lubricated vs oil free – Lubricated air compressors need to be serviced regularly but therefore last longer due to the servicing and their performance is superior in various environments including cold temperatures and outdoors
  • The cooling capacity is linked to the cooling fins which can be found around the copper tube connecting the pump and the tank. It works to keep the used air compressor temperature low and it can also increase the life span
  • Air intake filters on used air compressors must be cleaned thoroughly otherwise they will not function properly and could reduce the pump capacity. These filters also need to be replaced regularly.