Different air compressor components can be used to ensure a high level of air quality in the compressed jet that leaves your machine.

This, in turn, gives you plenty of options when choosing the right air compressor for any given application.

In rotary air compressors, for example, there is the choice over whether the helical rotors inside should be lubricated with oil or not.

Lubrication can raise the output pressure by providing more of a seal between the screws, but may also need extra filtration to remove droplets of oil from the air.

By comparison, oil-free rotary air compressors may require less filtration, but some form of filtering is still normal to get rid of any other kinds of particles in the compressed air produced.

We can supply you with rotary air compressors attached to receiver units; these give oil droplets chance to condense out of the air so that they can be removed from the output.

Meanwhile, if you need your compressed air to be free from moisture, dryers are a common family of air compressor components that achieve that – and can be used in conjunction with receivers for dry, particulate-free compressed air output.