Air compressor controllers are seeing rapidly rising demand, thanks largely to their use in variable speed compressors and their benefits in terms of ongoing running costs, according to a new report.

The global study from Transparency Market Research looks at the air compressor controller market worldwide between 2014 and 2022.

It predicts compound annual growth of 5.8% throughout the period, with particularly strong performance in both North America and the Middle East.

Variable speed compressors are helping to drive demand for controllers on new compressors, while there is also a healthy retrofit market.

This is reflected in the way controllers are being sold globally, both as built-in parts in new compressors, and also for retrofit purposes, as separate air compressor parts in their own right.

Finally, the changing face of energy generation is one driving force behind the market’s growth that Transparency Market Research have singled out as worthy of keeping an eye on.

In particular, they point to the increasing use of shale gas extraction in North America – something that is also increasingly being introduced in the UK as well.