Vertical air receivers are exactly what the name suggests: compressed air receivers with a vertical or ‘portrait’ profile.

This means they are taller than they are wide, which gives them a more compact floor footprint and can be a good option for confined spaces, as long as there is sufficient ventilation around the receiver tank.

What do vertical air receivers do?

In general, horizontal and vertical air receivers serve the same purpose. Their role is to take compressed air produced by an air compressor and store it until it is needed.

When an air powertool or other device is used, it draws compressed air out of the receiver tank, instead of directly from the air compressor.

This in turn has a number of benefits, including:

  • Compressed air can be stored in larger quantities to power multiple air powertools at once.
  • When output is not being used, it is not wasted, but instead refills any available capacity in the receiver tank.

Vertical air receivers offer the added benefit of a smaller demand for floor space, as mentioned above.

This not only makes more efficient use of the available floor area in a workshop, industrial unit or other space, but also uses more of the vertical room.

Horizontal vs vertical air receivers

It’s worth noting that both horizontal and vertical air receivers are beneficial to the long-term operation of an air compressor, by smoothing out the production and consumption of compressed air to improve efficiency and reduce running costs.

With that being said, if space is a concern and there is sufficient roof height, vertical air receivers are naturally the better choice in many cases.

Find out more

ACE Compressors supply a range of galvanised vertical air receivers with tank capacity from 200 litres up to as much as 5,000 litres.

For receiver tanks of more than 1,000 litre capacity, delivery is horizontal with hoop iron. Up to 1,000 litres, tanks are delivered vertically ready to be put into position.

To find out more, contact ACE Compressors or take a look at any of the vertical air receivers listed on our website.