A good set of working air compressor components is vital if your compressor is going to have a long and successful working life. But what are some of the most important air compressor components in the machine?

One of the most important components of a compressor is the electric motor, as it is this which drives the machine and powers the pump. The pump itself is what does the job of compressing the air and so this is another valuable air compressor component – without either it or the motor, the compressor will not be able to work.

Another important air compressor component is the receiver. This is where the air goes once it has been compressed and it is stored there until use. There is a valve that stops the air from flowing back from the receiver into the pump.

These are the key air compressor components but they also constitute important parts such as lubrication, which keeps the whole thing working smoothly, and a pressure gauge that regulates the pressure to which the air is compressed.