BCAS has described several aspects of installing and maintaining air compressors as being “vital” to the industries that use the equipment, in light of its importance and its energy consumption.

The organisation – full name the British Compressed Air Society – made the comments as it launched the first large-scale independent survey of compressed air end-users.

Vanda Jones, executive director of BCAS, said the survey aims to uncover what end-users want from suppliers of air compressors, as well as those responsible for the maintenance of the machinery.

She said: “Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility and it can consume up to 30% of a company’s total electricity bill, so its correct specification, maintenance and service is vital.

“It is also a heavily regulated area that end-users need to be aware of, so getting the correct advice is vital.”

The third and final area she termed “vital” was the intention of the survey itself – to take a snapshot of end-user sentiment at the present time, and identify areas where the industry as a whole can improve.

However, the results will not be known until the autumn, as the survey itself is open from April to September 2016, with the findings due to be published before the end of the year.

It is an opportunity for all end-users of compressed air to share their views, by completing the survey on the BCAS website – and also offers the chance for one respondent to win an iPad Mini.

The survey itself is by no means ‘mini’ though, with six months to collect responses from as many end-users as possible, in order to build a clear picture of the industry and customer sentiments towards suppliers and maintainers of air compressors – the first time a survey of this scale has been undertaken by an independent organisation.