Did you know that up to 12% of power generated in the United Kingdom is down to the production of compressed air? Also, around 20% of the electricity used by factories is because of compressed air. This shows the prevalence and importance of the air compressor in industrial situations, and it also highlights the benefits of saving energy wherever possible.

If you are looking for an air compressor that can help you save energy, you might want to consider a variable speed air compressor. As you can control the speed of these air compressors, it means you can have a more precise flow of air for your needs, which can help you to save energy when compared with a fixed speed alternative air compressor.

While you do have to be particularly careful with heat and moisture in the drive of variable speed air compressors, they also have the benefit of having very low noise levels. This means they can be installed nearer to or even in the workplace without needing to worry about noise pollution or other issues.

The fact that you can control the speed of the air compressor also means you can get more exact results, something that can improve processes as well as saving energy – making the variable speed air compressor attractive for a variety of different purposes.