When we think of the utilities that we use regularly, we generally think of gas, electricity and petrol. We receive bills through the post every month or so for gas and electricity and regularly are required to fill up our cars with petrol. However, there is also what is sometimes known as the “fourth utility” – compressed air. Despite being lesser known, compressed air is an integral part of the world today, particularly for manufacturing processes. Many of the products that we use are actually made using compressed air and could not be made in any other way.

Compressed air is different from other utilities as users have control over generating it and in what way. Approximately 10% of all global energy which is used in industry is from compressed air. There are a wide range of different uses for compressed air and depending on the process air compressors need to compress to a certain pressure, at a certain flow and also deliver air at a certain quality. Filters and dryers are vital components for removing oil and water to prevent it from reaching the application.